Best Heart Rate Monitor App For Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has multiple features which allow it process useful data about its user. One of these is the heart rate sensor. This means you can use your Apple Watch for monitoring your heart rate, with the results uploaded to a health app on your mobile device.

Apple watches do come with an inbuilt heart rate monitor but getting the best from a heart rate sensor would involve you downloading third-party applications as the inbuilt app only provides users with basic functions and information.

Here are great heart rate monitor apps you should download for your Apple Watch as they provide users with premium information, functionality, and experience.

Heartwatch. Heart & Activity

heartwatchThis app provides users with information on your heart rate while you are performing four different activities. It monitors and records your heart rate during workouts, walks, sleeps, and moments when you are idle. Importing data from other compatible devices is also supported by the Heartwatch.

On user interface, this app gives a speedometer-style view that displays your heart rate in beats per minute (bpm).  A feature usable on Apple Watch faces, termed watch face complication on the Heartwatch allows you to access a summary of heart rate activity at the moment or the entire day, by tapping on the compilation.

Other features of the Heartwatch include providing stats on the amount of time and period spent with high heart rate, prompt notifications, and reminders, setting up your base bpm value, and more.

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Heart Graph

heart graphHeart Graph offers both free and paid versions for Apple Watch users. This app comes with an interface themed at graphical representations. Users are provided with an easy way to observe their heart rate due to the simple and easy-to-understand form graphical representations offer.

Heat Graph provides information on your heart through four distinct tabs: a workout tab, zone tab, summary tab, and a history tab. A key feature of this app is the array of activities to select from, ensuring users gain data based on a specific activity.

Users are able to get data and in-depth analysis of their heart rate while performing specific activities such as dancing, playing golf, performing indoor workouts, stair climbing, and the likes.

With features such as the mean and max value heart rate during workouts and detailed graph display, users looking to monitor their heart rate for medical or training reasons would find the Heart Graph to be both helpful and efficient.

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Heart Analyzer

heart analyzerThis heart rate monitor app provides users with three window views. The first providing info on your current heart rate, highest and lowest heart rate levels of the day as well as your daily average. A second window displays statistics during workouts.

Heart rate event (HR event) which makes up the third and final window allows users to monitor their heart rate during a specific task such as working out or running. Notes based on your HR event can also be taken on your iPhone.

The user interface on the Heart Analyzer is basic with heart rate data displayed through graphical representations. It also provides an automatic sleep tracking feature eliminating the need for manual sleep entry timings. This app comes in both free and paid versions, with the latter allowing users to access heart rate information over 9 days and up to a year.

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Cardiogram For Apple Watch

cardiogram for apple watchCardiogram for Apple Watch comes with a simple user interface displaying your heart rate through a real-time graph on the screen of your Apple Watch. Although fully operational without an iPhone, using one gives users access to more workout-related features.

Cardiogram for Apple Watch offers somewhat similar functionality to the inbuilt heart rate monitor app for the Apple Watch and requires users to log in either through Facebook or other email accounts.

Features that make Cardiogram great for heart rate monitoring include the easy mode for one-touch operation, a timeline section, habits tab, and a metric tab amongst other features.

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FITIV Pulse GPS Cardio Tracker

FITIV pulseThis app not only provides info on your heart rate but also doubles as a fitness and training app. A personalized touch is added in the form of a customizable dashboard on the Apple Watch.

Simple icons, visual feedback, and comparable data all help in delivering efficient and reliable heart monitoring on the app.

FITIV Pulse has an added benefit of being a cross-platform app, meaning you can easily switch between other mobile devices such as Android and vice versa without having to worry about data loss.

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Talking Heart Rate

talking heat rateA heart rate monitor app that voices out stats on your heart rate just as the name implies. Though limited in functionality when compared to other heart rate apps, it is ideal for users who require a change from the conventionally written texts or where voice speech is required.

A simple user interfaces for easy navigation and understanding with basic functions such as speech volume and heart rate summary, all being accessible through your Apple Watch.

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Top Three Heart Rate Monitor Apps To Get For Your Apple Watch

Below are the top 3 heart rate monitor app for Apple Watch after considering factors such as functionality, analysis, user interface and satisfaction, overall popularity, and price.

1. Heartwatch. Heart & Activity

Multiple functions, easy-to-understand interface, a high popularity level with positive user feedback and a price of $2.99, makes the Heartwatch a must-have app if you are looking for premium heart rate monitoring on your Apple Watch.

2. Heart Analyzer

Deep analytics, automated sleep tracking feature, high popularity, and ratings ensure the Heart Analyzer is a top choice when getting an Apple Watch heart monitor app.

3. Cardiogram for Apple Watch

A great user rating, good functionality, cross-platform feature, a free price, and a high popularity level gives the app strong ranking amongst Apple Watch heart rate monitor apps.

An Apple Watch offers its users a great chance to increase the efficiency of fitness training and health care. Apple has stayed committed to ensuring better delivery of these with the new series 4 and watch OS 5 housing various health and fitness improvements over their predecessors. Heart rate monitor apps ensure you get the best from Apple Watches in terms of medical and fitness training.

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