Body Solid Home Gym Review

Body Solid Home GymWhether you’re looking to start up a small fitness club, live with a few roommates, or just want to workout with your significant other, a multi-person home gym can be a fantastic way to achieve at-home fitness.

When I set out to write this article, it was with the intention of writing a Body Solid SBL460P4 Leverage Gym Review. I decided it would be better, though, to bring in a couple other Body Solid products and review them all at once. All three of these products work to accomplish the same thing, after all. We’ll be looking at my experiences with the SBL460P4, the Body Solid EXM2500s, and the Body Solid EXM3000lps. You can find them on under these links.

Let’s get started.

Who is Body Solid?

body solid home gym reviewBody solid has been around since 1989, and focuses predominately on workout machines both for at-home use and in the gym.

These guys have been putting out a huge amount of fitness products. If you can think of it, they’ve probably made some version of it. Overall they’re a solid brand with a history of making gym-tier quality stuff.


The SBL460P4

• Up to three users at once.
• Offers bench press, incline press, shoulder press, mid-row exercises, and plenty more.
• Quick weight selection featuring non-slip rubber footplate
• 73-by-83-by-91 inches.


• Offers up to 40 different exercises.
• Safety guards that prevent weights from falling or user being pinned.
• 107L x 126W x 83H


• 210lb. Selectorized Iron Weight Stack
• No cable changes
• Offers a pec station, leg “developer,” and three pulleys: High, Mid, and Low.
• 83″H x 51″W x 83″D.

All three of these machines offer various ways for multiple people to feel the burn at once. Whether you’re looking for pullups, pulleys, chest presses or leg work, these three machines (with the exception of the EXM2500 on legs) cover all of it in some way.
They feature stations for all of the muscle groups, and unless you’re trying to incorporate some serious barbell-type-workouts into your routine you really won’t find anything missing (again, with the exception of the EXM2500.)
The smooth cables, guards, and solid builds gave me a feeling of safety during all three sessions. No huge complaints

Who Are These For?

These stations are for people with roommates, workout partners, or significant others that want to workout together without going to a gym. They could also be useful for a fitness club, in-school gym, hotel, or any other business looking to add some serious machines to their roster.

The first two machines are significantly more expensive than the first, and as a result offer a bit more in terms of full-body workouts. The major audience for all three, though, is people who want to stay fit at home with zero compromise on the quality of their workout.

So, lets break down the pros and cons of all three and see what we’re dealing with.


The SBL460P4 Pros and Cons

The SBL460P4Pros

• Three People Use.
• This means that up to three people, with a bit of coordination, can get a solid workout in without getting in each other’s way. Not a bad deal.
• High Quality Workouts.
• This machine doesn’t really pull punches. Its quality-built and you’ll feel it.
• Smooth Cables—Built Well.
• You can feel the money you spent in every rep!


• Outrageously confusing to set up.
• The diagrams they include are hilariously basic, and this is a complicated machine. Definitely worth hiring some extra help if you aren’t willing to spend the headaches figuring this setup out.

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The EXM3000lps Pros and Cons



• Easy to build, especially compared to the SBL460P4.
• Silent use.
• This machine hardly makes any noise. This makes it great for late-night workouts.
• Feels strong.
• This thing doesn’t budge, period.
• Similar sensation to free-weights.
• The moveable arms help this feel a bit less like a machine and a bit closer to real weights.

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The EXM2500s Pros and Cons


• On the cheapest side.
• If you’re looking for a two-person workout but don’t have a bunch of money to drop, consider it.
• If anything breaks, they’ll actually replace it.
• Lack of cable changes.
• Working out goes faster and is less of a hassle.


• Sort of tricky to assemble.
• Still not as bad as the SBL460P4
• More of an upper body unit than a full-body one.
• Can be a problem if you’re looking for a full gym replacement.
• Leg press attachment discontinued.
• Again, an issue for those looking to work everything.

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The Verdict

Which one of these machines you choose really comes down to preference. If you’re looking for something that can absolutely handle three or more people, you’ll probably want the SBL460P4. It’s really a great gym. Some people will probably cringe at the price tag though, which means the EXM3000lps is probably their best choice. It does almost everything the SBL460P4 does but at a lower price.

It’s hard to fully recommend the EXM2500s to anybody looking to replace their entire routine. The lack of leg options might not matter to some of you—in which case, definitely consider this product—but the ideal home gym system is going to give you a bit of everything. The first two do that, so I prefer them.

Ultimately, though, it’s going to come down to what you need. The price tags pretty accurately scale with the quality and value of these three products, so buy accordingly and enjoy!

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