Which is The Best Home Gym in 2018

Which is The Best Home Gym in 2019?

When you`re looking for the best home gym you want to be able to perform a complete range of exercises while getting the most features for your budget. Many fitness enthusiasts find that a home gym system can help them save space and money as you might replace a few machines.

Our TOP Pick

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There are many benefits to having a home gym and they include: saving time traveling to the gym and being able to offer a complete workout for the whole family. With the modern way of living we tend to live in front of a computer and lose touch with physical effort which keeps us healthy.

When you look for the best home gym you have to find the one which benefits you the most, as there are countless options to choose from.

Gold’s Gym System • High pulley system
• Workout accessories included
• Customer friendly price
125 3,8 Current price on Amazon.com
Bowflex PR3000 • Preacher padding
• More than 50 strength exercises
210 4,6 Current price on Amazon.com
Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage • Dual action leg developer with 6 oversized roller pads and row/curl bar
• Non-slip foot brace
• Off the floor base frame design
600 4,4 Current price on Amazon.com
Marcy Combo Smith Machine • Multifunctional Utility bench
• Pull-Up Bar
400 4 Current price on Amazon.com
Bowflex Blaze Home Gym • Lower pulley/squat station
• Lat tower with angled lat bar
• Leg extension/leg curl attachment
(upgradable to 310 or 410)
4,6 Current price on Amazon.com
Bowflex PR1000 • Sliding seat rail
• Multi-use hand grip/ankle cuffs
• 4 inch upholstered roller cushions
up to 210 4,3 Current price on Amazon.com
Marcy MWM-990 • High and low pulleys
• Lat station overhead
• Dual functioning
150 4,1 Current price on Amazon.com
Bowflex Xtreme 2SE • More than 70 exercises
• Compactness
• Lat tower and angled lat bar
(upgradable to 310 or 410)
4,4 Current price on Amazon.com
Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S • Powder coating
• Fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys
210 4 Current price on Amazon.com
Body-Solid Powerline • Compactness
• No need for cable change
• Including lat pulldown station and traditional press bar
160 4,1 Current price on Amazon.com

Best Home Gym Reviews

When it comes to choosing the right home gym it might be difficult to navigate the options. This is why we have selected 5 options which cover a wide range of uses, from the cheaper option to the most advanced option.

Gold’s Gym System is the best home gym under 500$

Gold's Gym System for Home GymGold`s Gym has been known as one of the most popular gyms in the world. Taking a piece of that inspiration to your home is a huge pressure for such an affordable product. In real terms, you can never replicate a full gym in your home.

But Gold`s Gym System comes very close, especially considering the entry-level price point. But the price should not give you the impression of poor quality. You can get one of the best workouts with this system.

From top to bottom you get a full body workout. With a high pulley system you can place a bar for lat pull-downs to get a back workout. The design of the home gym also allows you to train your chest with the included press which has multiple angles and can work the upper and middle chest.

The central console is dominated by the preacher padding. This means you`ll be able to train your biceps either with a bar aided by the low pulley or with dumbbells which you need to buy separately.

For legs training you can do extensions. This is the only leg exercise you can perform which means you won`t be activating calves.

Gold’s Gym System is not perfect, but it is the best home gym for the money.

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Bowflex PR3000

Bowflex PR3000 for Home GymThe Bowflex PR3000 prides itself as an easy solution to a full-body workout which doesn`t need any cable adjustments from one exercise to another. The variations means you can expect around 50 different exercises which can work your back with lat pull-downs or your shoulder with cable pushes using the pulley system.

The home gym comes with up to 210lbs of resistance which is enough for most users. So who is the machine aimed at? The ideal user of the machine wants an uncomplicated solution and a system which is easy to get on.

It will work great for aging users which don`t want the uncomfortable side slide which comes with a padded preacher-style design. You can easily get on and off the machine and get a complete workout.

You can also train your legs with seated extensions or using the low pulley. The abs can also be worked using the cable system which provides enough resistance to work the oblique abdominals. The home gym doesn`t require too much space and can be used in any room around your house.

The major downside of the machine is the lack of traditional weights. If you want to change the position of the cables you need to manually unclip them.

This makes the home gym good option for people looking for general body toning but not the best option for people in bodybuilding. 

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Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is the best home gym under 1000$

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage for Home GymOne of the most complete options on the list is Marcy`s home gym. The machine is quite expensive so you would naturally have high expectations in terms of exercise complexity on product durability.

As a true hybrid, you can easily remove the bench from the center are to perform standing exercises. This makes it a good option for people that are seriously into fitness.

The home gym comes packed with features. It comes with options for cable exercises like chest flies and even a barbell. There are plenty of storage options with the machine so your weight will not be lying around the house.

The bench comes with an adjustable height and a padded preacher-style area for bicep curls. You also get an option for leg training. One of its unique features is the foot plate which allows you to do seated row exercises.

The accessories list is also impressive. You get: a lat bar (standard with most home gyms), triceps rope (standard with most mid-tier products), shiver bar, ankle strap, chrome row handle and 2 single handles for isolation movements.

With two years warranty for the parts you get one of the most complete home gyms on the market which is solidly built and will cover a wide range of exercises. If you can afford the price, you will be in the position of having multiple different workouts for every training session.

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Marcy Combo Smith Machine

Marcy Combo Smith Machine for Home GymMarcy Combo Smith Machine can be a good option for people looking to exercise while standing. As with the Diamond Elite model, you get the option of removing the bench for various exercises.

From the previous model, you get the Smith machine functionality which will have the barbell in a fixed position. You can use it to train your chest and traps and you can add more weight as needed since the bar is stabilized.

The bench is also versatile. You have the option of training in a flat, inclined or declined position which means you can target your upper, mid and lower parts of your chest. As with most Marcy options, you get a foot plate and a bottom pulley for those controlled back exercises.

But back exercises can`t be complete without a pull-up bar and Marcy has included one for your weekly routine. You also get enough storage options to keep your weight plates organized.

With a steel construction and plenty of cables you might want to look into paying extra for expert assembly which means the home gym will be fine-tuned for best performance.

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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Bowflex Blaze Home GymBowlex have been manufacturing popular fitness equipment. The Blaze home gym comes with 60 different exercises which use the signature cable systems. Although the cables might seem weak, they actually have a resistance of up to 210 pounds.

As with most Bowflex options you get a lat pull-down bar and an adjustable bench which can work for your leg raises.

For your arms you can use the side cables which can be adjusted but need to be unclipped for every level. For many users this is not a problem as a workout should not be rushed but performed with the correct tempo and biomechanics.

If you choose to face the machine you can even perform bicep curls using the cable pulley system. Chest training is limited to cable movements which you can performed angled or on a flat bench.

So who is the perfect user of the Bowflex Blaze Home Gym? It is definitely the home user which needs to improve mobility and focus on controlled movements. It will work great for people with sedentary office jobs which need to improve posture and balance.

It will also work great for aging users as it easy and straightforward to use. It will be very easy for any person to get on and off the machine.

Although it’s not the cheapest option on the market, it provides enough exercises to work most muscles in your body and due to the cable attachments you can transform it into a calf machine also, which not many home gyms can offer.

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Top features of a home gym

Whether you do isolation movements like bicep curls or compound exercises like barbell chest presses you need to know what to look for in a home gym even before you set your budget.


multifunctional home gymThis should be the first variable you should look for when choosing a home gym. Manufacturers can focus on different designs which can work with different exercises. Ideally, you want a home gym that can work your whole body.

You don`t need to complicate the decision and look for machines which allow you to work the legs, torso and arms. There are many options with each of these big muscle groups but you should aim for at least one possible exercise for each muscle group.

This guy here talks about real stuff:


equipment for home gymWe all have less free time every day. This is why you need to make sure you have all the accessories you need to perform your weekly workouts.

The accessories can include: a barbell, a V bar, a rope, a chain, straps, handles etc.

The more accessories you have the more you`ll increase your ability to perform the same exercise but from different angles which eventually leads to a varied approach to each workout.

Material quality

Bowflex PR1000Since you won`t be using multiple machines you want to make sure you get the best possible home gym in terms of material quality. 

So what do you need to look for?

First of all you need a solid steel frame which will hold everything in place. Secondly, you need good quality materials for high friction areas like the chair, handles and cables. These will determine the lifetime of your home gym.

Because you will be spending a considerable amount of money on the purchase you want to ensure you get the best quality product within your budget.

Assembly directions

When you will receive the product in will be unassembled. You now have two options: you can hire someone who can assemble it for you or you could assemble it yourself. The best route is to assemble the home gym yourself.

This will save you money but it will also teach you about the functionality and the mechanisms of the home gym. This way, whenever something goes wrong you can understand how to fix the problem. But there is another benefit to self-assembly.

You will learn how the gym operates and you will understand the angles of the movements. This is especially beneficial to beginners which can struggle to understand the biomechanics of some exercises.


Body Solid G5S Home Gym with Hydraulic Press Adjustments and 210-Pound

Body Solid G5S Home Gym with Hydraulic Press Adjustments

We are all different in shape and size. Taller people will need different training angles to shorter persons.

You want to look for a home gym which allows good adjustments on most exercises. Even if you`re going to be the only one using it you may still benefit from adjusting the machine to your preference.

Even if you`re going to be the only one using it you may still benefit from adjusting the machine to your preference.

As a home gym the machine can also be used by all family members which means you need to consider the needs of multiple users when making the purchase.

These features might seem confusing at first. One way to make the choice easier is to ask the following question: how is this home gym going to benefit my fitness goals? There is no point in buying a machine which will stay in the garage collecting dust. You need to be able to get some motivation from the home gym so you would reach your fitness goals.

It might not even be the case when you need to build huge muscles as some users will need a solution to improve the overall mobility of the body. Make sure you define your goal and find a home gym which can work to reach that particular goal.

Home gyms types

There are many types of home gyms. Some offer a complete range of exercises for the whole body while others might focus on the upper or the lower body. A good home gym needs to cover all the major muscle groups.

Home gyms with sitting option

Home gyms with sitting optionHome gyms with a sitting option are the most popular on the market. They come with a chair or bench which serves for many types of exercises. Having a chair means you can do pulling and pushing exercises like shoulder presses and lat pull-downs.

Some models even come with a preacher-style bench which allows you to do isolated bicep curls. From the seated position you can work your shoulders but even leg with curls which allow you to set your preferred weight.

Home gyms with a standing option

home gym with standing optionStanding options have borrowed the design of the power racks. They usually combine the functionality of a Smith machine with the robustness of the power rack and the versatility of the home gym. Since you won`t be receiving any chairs you might expect a position which is similar to a squat machine.


One of the most versatile options is a hybrid which can combine the sitting and standing positions by incorporating a removable bench. This may mean you need more space in your home but you get a more complex approach to machine training.

Normally, you would expect this kind of versatility form a commercial gym but you can have it even in the comfort of your own home. Since you will be moving the bench around, you need to ensure it is not too heavy and resistant enough to manage daily movement.

You also want a bench with rubber or silicone wheels which will not damage some surfaces like wood.

Home gyms maintenance and safety

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith home gym

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage

When you decide to purchase a home gym you have to make sure you take time to maintain it. You can clean it from dust and make sure that cables are not getting ripped. For equipment with weight storage options you need to ensure the machine is stable enough to hold the extra weight.

If your family members also use the home gym make sure you take time to explain how the machine works so you get a product which will last you for years. Most home gyms come with the option of expert assembly.

Although you might need to pay more to have it professionally installed you may benefit from having a correct assembly especially with feature-packed models.

money for home gymRegardless on which option you go for, you need to check that your budget allows you to purchase a home gym which will truly help you reach your fitness goals. You are going to spend a considerable amount of money on the equipment so you need to make sure you get the most out of your choice.

This means you need to be able to perform as many exercises as possible. Sure, you might not want or need to perform all of them now, but in the future, you might feel you need to rotate your workouts to keep yourself motivated.

Make sure you look at the best home gyms which will be of use even a few years from now and can deliver a full-body workout.

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