Xmark weight bench review

xmark weight bench reviewAfter graduating from college I had found myself very out of shape. All the parties had caught up with me and my body wasn’t in the best condition. Gym membership was a monthly expense I was unable to afford. A friend recommended I look into exercising at home, so that meant I have to consider buying weight bench.

After looking around online I came across the XMark Fitness XM-7630. Using this bench, I was able to exercise in the comfort of my own home (and without the monthly fee). I decided to write this XMark weight bench review as there are probably a few of you out there sitting on the fence as to whether this is right for you and this review will hopefully enable you to make the right decision.


Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 54” x 26” x 17.5”
  • Weight: 85lbs (38.5kg)
  • 7 adjustable back positions and 4 adjustable seat positions
  • Roller pads that you can lock your legs into (great for decline exercises)
  • Manufacturer recommended 15 minutes assembly time

XMark Fitness XM-7630The XMark Fitness XM-7630 will pretty much suit anyone who is looking to, or already, lifts weights at home. My favorite feature on this bench is the ability to change the incline of the back rest and seat. This allows different muscle groups to be targeted.  

It is comfortable to use too. An extra thick 3” pad ensures that no one is left with a sore bum! This marcy adjustable utility bench has a weight capacity of 1500 lb, so is suitable for both beginner and ‘serious’ lifters. The built-in wheels make it easy to move, meaning you don’t have to worry about it taking up all that space in your room!

You can pretty much get a complete upper body workout using this bench. Shoulders, chest, back and abs are all muscle groups which can be targeted with this bench. If you’re looking for a whole body workout, then the optional extras are something that you can buy, including a preacher curl, which works arms, and a leg extension. I didn’t find these necessary to buy and used bodyweight exercises to complete the rest of my workout routines.

Who It’s For?

This bench is for people looking to improve their physique, get healthier, fitter and stronger in the comfort of their own home. After a long day at work it’s easy to make excuses not to go to the gym, but having exercise equipment at home, the excuses are gone. If weight training is something you’ve wanted to do, then starting at home is something I would suggest you try. I have noticed a substantial difference in my physique since I started.

Pricing & Purchase Details

There are an array of exercise benches on the market and you need to choose one that meets your specific wants and needs. The XMark Fitness XM-7630 isn’t the cheapest on the market but ticks a lot of boxes with its adjustability. From what I’ve seen online, the price varies, but here is a link to Amazon.com where you can check it out for yourself.


The bench feels sturdy and strong when you are using it. At all adjustment settings, it offers support which allows you to lift heavy and concentrate on form with no wobbling.

When the bench arrived I was able to easily assemble it. It came mostly assembled in the box and I put it together in about 20 minutes (slightly over the estimated time). It was mainly big parts that just needed putting together and tightening up.


At times I have thought that the padding on the bench is just a bit too soft. It feels like you’re sinking into the padding, especially when using heavier weights which can be slightly off-putting.

Alternative /Similar Products

Marcy Utility Flat Bench reviewIf you are looking for a bench to work a single and specific part of your body, I’d recommend Marcy flat bench, which has got great stability and feel when using heavy weights. You can check it out on Amazon.com.

Another alternative is Rep Fitness adjustable bench (click to view on Amazon.com), which appears to be a harder surface to work on. (Please note that this bench has a weight limit of only 1000lb).


This bench has been this first purchase of home exercise equipment. Having a bench at home has been a great source of motivation and means I have no excuses to miss a workout. As someone who is relatively new to lifting, I am able to complete a variety of workouts and have seen some improvements. As the sole piece of equipment I have at home there are more available on the market, and I will have to add to my home gym as I progress in my quest for a better body.

If you’re looking to start with weightlifting then this is a good place to start, but have a look around as there are lots of alternatives.

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